Carson’s Idea and Vision for Tweens and Teens Seeking Fun:

Our son had an idea and asked us to help him establish something so his vision could be a reality. So far, everything’s off to a great start and I thought you might be interested in learning about his project:

Hello, I’m Carson.

I am a full-time 7th grade homeschool student at Florida Virtual School. With the support of my teachers and family, I have straight A’s as an honors society student in advanced classes with FLVS. I also participate in FLVS’ student chess, science and ambassador clubs. I also just got accepted into the Duke University TIP and Johns Hopkins CTY programs.

Because of the way that I have chosen to do school and the kind of person I am, I have a few challenges in a few areas of my life. I enjoy homeschooling, but sometimes feel isolated and a little lonely. During my free time, I tend to get too involved in reading and playing video/computer games, two of my passions. I also don’t get many opportunities to get out and meet other kids in the 11 to 17 year old age range make friends with.

I can be open-minded about trying new things, but still picky about what I enjoy doing. Plus, it’s more fun to check out something new with other people.

This brings me back to the challenges for me to meet others in the 11 to 17 year old age range. I’m very busy with school, for one, as well as a little shy. I’m not always comfortable meeting new people for the first time and it really helps me to have an “icebreaker.” For instance, an introduction to someone new through someone I know, like one of my parents.

Once introduced, I enjoy getting to know people and making new friends.

Realizing all this, made me think that there must be other kids between 11 and 17 years old who feel like me, especially if they are homeschooled and have similar challenges to me.
So, I did some research online, through my bowling league and at my kung fu classes. I was surprised to learn
through the feedback I received that there’s a lot of kids between 11 and 17 years old that have similar challenges, whether they homeschooled or not!

Thinking about all this give me an idea that could be a solution for kids like me. So, I asked my mom and dad to help with my idea and doing something positive for 11 to 17 year olds like me
to do while meeting and making friends. FunseekersUSA is what they helped me come up with.
We launched our first Chapter in our own backyard of Palm Beach County, Florida.

ABOUT THE GROUP YOU ARE HELPING: FunseekersUSA launched with FunseekersPBC and originally started organizing events and activities where 11 to 17 year olds that homeschool could meet peers and build healthy foundations for new friendships, as well as share and learn together. However, we found that many families want options that support family bonding and fun for their tweens and teens that are smarter, safer and healthier, with a focus on making new friends, whether homeschooled or attending brick and mortar schools that are public, charter or private.

With your help, contributions, donations, sponsorship or volunteer time, I can grow FunseekersPBC to be a success that benefits kids and families like me and my family, first in Palm Beach County and, later, throughout counties all over the USA.


We are so proud of our family. Our oldest kids attended public schools. However, our youngest switched to full-time homeschooling in 2010 and we had concerns about keeping him socialized. So, we wanted to find options for events and activities where he could meet others doing homeschooling for social events and activities. He’s not always comfortable going out to new types of events and activities with middle and high school peers. However, he does great if we are close by doing our own thing while he does his (as long as we aren’t too close or directly involved). Unfortunately, we had trouble finding anything that focused on positive peer and family support that builds self-esteem, teaches positive social behaviors and increases awareness of the positive contributions choices Tweens/Teens can learn about and choose from. So, we launched FunseekersUSA and decided, as a family, to start in our own backyard with FunseekersPBC to fill this void for our youngest child.


FunseekersUSA, working with parents/guardians, plans/provides 11-17 year olds (Tweens/Teens) FUN & empowering experiences through events/activities that will help build self-esteem, teach positive social behaviors & increase conscience awareness of the many choices in life that can be made with both confidence & pride.


The money you contribute today, no matter what amount that is, will help FunseekersPBC provide quality events and activities at little to no cost to these tweens/teens and their parents/guardians. Many of them struggle with extra-curricular activities and the costs involved. Some, here in Florida, have lost homes and jobs due to past hurricanes, as well as the economic and real estate challenges – ourselves included.


The funds raised through contributions like yours will go toward paying for the cost of venues, entrance fees, food/snacks, water, transportation, equipment, games and similar event and activity support costs. Member families that can afford to contribute, do so. However, it is not enough for us to meet our goal to keep costs down or free for events and activities to our Funseekers and their parents/guardians. We also need to cover other operational expenses like printing and having a website. Finally, we want to give back through local community service and charities. So, we definitely need your support and contributions to aid with fundraising for events and activities to be successful, as well as our desire to pay it forward through community service and work with charities.


The types of events and activities you will help us schedule include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Aerobics
  • Amusement Parks & Arcades
  • Aquariums
  • Barbeques
  • Bicycling
  • Billy Swamp Safari & Everglades Tours
  • Bird Watching
  • BMX
  • Board Games
  • Book Nook Reading & Readers
  • Boomers
  • Bowling
  • Busch Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Butterfly World
  • Camping
  • Celebrations & Holidays
  • Chinese Lion Dance & Lion Dance Classes
  • Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu & Kung Fu Classes
  • Communication Skills Workshops
  • Concerts
  • Contests
  • Cooking Classes
  • County Fairs
  • Cultural, City & County Festivals & Fairs
  • Crafts
  • Dance Classes
  • Dances
  • Drift Boat Fishing
  • Exercise & Work Outs
  • Field Trips
  • Fishing
  • FLVS Study Groups
  • Fourth of July Fireworks
  • Fright Night
  • Fun Depot
  • Gardening
  • Goal Setting Workshops
  • Guest Authors
  • Guest Speakers
  • Hiking & Wall Climbs
  • Hoffman’s Chocolate
  • Ice Skating & Lessons
  • Jogging/Running
  • Kayaking/Canoeing
  • Lake Worth Street Painting Festival
  • Lion Country Safari
  • Movie Matinees
  • Museums
  • Nature Walks & Preserves
  • Norton Museum
  • Other Homeschool Study Groups
  • Out of County Road Trips
  • Palm Beach County Fair
  • Palm Beach Zoo
  • Parades
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Personal Skills Workshops
  • Photography & Photography Classes
  • Picnics
  • Pool Parties
  • Roller Skating & Lessons
  • Rook Nook Chess
  • Science Museum
  • Self-Empowerment Workshops
  • Shelling
  • Skateboarding
  • Snorkeling
  • Specific Grade Study Groups
  • Specific School Study Groups
  • Swimming
  • Tai Chi & Tai Chi Classes
  • Taiko & Taiko Classes
  • Theater
  • Video Games
  • Volleyball
  • Volunteer/Community Service
  • Walking
  • Weight Lifting
  • Writing for Fun
  • Yoga/Meditation Classes
  • Zumba Workouts
  • Zoos


We hope to keep growing the group and schedule 2 to 4 events and/or activities each month for all members to enjoy that would be in addition to any ongoing classes or leagues activities that members may choose to participate in on a regular basis (i.e., kung fu classes, bowling league, etc.). We will also be promoting and listing events and activities on Facebook, posting links to them on Twitter, as well as other online websites and coordinate everything through MeetUp for a smooth flow that makes it easier to keep the group’s announcements and calendar current.


We’re also working to secure discounts at various venues, as well as other fundraising efforts like this and possible sponsorships from local businesses. Finally, we are working on getting discounts from local businesses that could help the group’s member families with their cost of living and recovery.


Spread the world. Like us on Facebook. Tweet about us. Send emails to someone you know who has a tween/teen of their own. If you have a venue that you can help us with, offer it up or at a discount. If you have products and services through your business and can offer a discount, please do so.

Our abilities and success starts with and depends on you.

Every bit, little or large, helps and is greatly appreciated by all our member families and their Tweens and Teens.


FunseekersUSA and FunseekersPBC Group Administrators

Jeff, Keikilani and Carson Weigle


We’re the Weigle Family, a normal family with normal challenges and a love for each other that can never be shaken. We range in ages from 12 through 56. Jeff, Dad, works full-time and crazy hours for not-so-great hourly rate. Mom, Keikilani, battles Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Sjogren’s Syndrome, but still works part-time when she can and helps with homeschooling of the family’s youngest, Carson, who is in 7th grade doing full-time homeschooling with Florida Virtual School. Maggie and Kent, 22 and 21, are our two adult kids who live away from home and are finding their own way in life through college and work. They’ve always been supportive of their little brother. We are grateful that they believe in and support our efforts with FunseekersUSA and FunseekersPBC by encouraging their little brother and helping out whenever they can.

EMAIL: FunseekersPBC@gmail.com

PHONE: 561 336 1490

Website: http://www.funseekersusa.com

Paypal Donations:


Online Fundraising:

















Joe Keit Kung Fu and Tai Chi – Traditional Northern and Southern Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Lion Dance Classes, Performances and Competitions, ages 4 through adult. Special Tween/Teen classes starting now! Call
StrikeZone Palm Beach – Bowling, leagues, groups, parties, perfect for ages 3 through adult. Special Tween/Teen leagues forming now, as well as homeschool league! Call Lee at 561 317 3737 for details. For additional Tween/Teen events and activities, call 561 336 1490



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